23. 05. 2019 - 24. 05. 2019

Universität Freiburg, MasterOnline Technische Medizin


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Name: Andrea Fechtig
Email: andrea.fechtig@intercongress.de

Wissenschaftliche Leitung
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Leunig
PD Dr. med. Hannes Rüdiger
Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Dora

Implant positioning: Basics to be considered

How to plan and how to implement the plan.

Added value of 3D templating and virtual reality?

THR in proximal femoral fractures

What to fix and what to replace? Current trends.

Primary implant stability and fragment fixation: How much do we need?

The rise of DAA in primary THR

How to do it best? Supine or lateral, with or without traction table

Collateral damage in DAA

Why NOT to do DAA

Accelerated recovery

How to succeed: Pearls and pitfalls

Who wins: The surgeon, the hospital or the patient?

PJI: Where are we today and where are we heading?

1-stage or 2-stage?

Current and future concepts

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